Performing a Consultative Transfer using Skype for Business 2015

A consultative transfer is a common scenario where before transferring a call to someone you want to contact the person you’re transferring to first to ensure they are able to take the call. Let’s walk through this scenario to show how this is accomplished using Skype for Business 2015.

Emma Fysh has called me and is inquiring about the project we are working on.

As I don’t have the experience in this specific project, I start a new phone call with Jade Saunders from the Contact List, the project manager for this specific project.

When I start the new call to Jade, Emma’s call is automatically put on hold.

Jade has indicated that she is free to take the call, so from either call window I click the call controls button......

.......and then transfer.

The transfer menu automatically includes people I’m currently talking to, so I’m able to select Emma from here. 

While the call is transferring I can see the status from both Jade’s and Emma’s conversation window. After the transfer has completed both windows are closed :)

The beautiful part about Lync Skype for Business is that you are not just limited to consulting using a phone call. Next time you want to consult someone before transferring, try using an IM (for this you do need to go back to the original caller as the IM window does not have the Call Controls button).

As you can see from this simple scenario, the ability to consult with someone before sending a phone call to them can be quite useful in ensuring that the person is available, and has the background required to help the caller.

This blog post is an update of my previous one which I posted for the Lync 2010 client:

which used the the text from


  1. Hi,
    May i know whether this feature applicable for conference calls


    1. Hi Jeeva,
      You can invite additional people into a conference call and then you can leave the call but you can't transfer a conference call to other people (it's your meeting space thought so you can transfer the call to another on of *your* numbers - those that are defined under Tools > Options > Phones).

    2. Hello Tobie,
      Appreciate your reply.
      I just want to know that we have any proof or article which saying that this feature is not applicable in conference calls. And also can we transfer the ongoing conference call to our registered mobile number.? if yes could you brief that part.


  2. Hello Tobie,

    I would like to know that in Peer to peer call we have an option to transfer the ongoing call to some other person. But in Conference only we can transfer to the numbers those are defined in our Lync client.
    Is my understanding correct?

    1. Thats correct. Think of it this way, in a P2P call you are chatting in the street and you can grab anyone else and just walk off. For the conference call you have taken the caller into *your* room, you can't move the room all you can do is invite other people into the room and leave.

    2. That's perfect. Thanks a lot Tobie. it got it now.