DPM 2007 Publish via RDP

Have been on the Managing Microsoft System Center Data Protection Manager 2007 course at QA in London for the last week.

One of the annoyances is that in DPM 2007 and 2010 you cannot install the GUI onto your own workstation and as such you'll have to always connect to the server to run the software (unless you are a Powershell Guru).

David Allen has published how to conenct using RDP and remote app but his is shwoing how to do it via 2008 TS, if you are on 2003 try the following:

  • On your DPM server right click My Computer > Properties > Remote.
  • Click Enable Remote Desktop and select the users you want to have access.
  • On the client computer Start > Run > mstsc > OK
  • Click the Programs tab
  • Tick Start the following program on connection
  • Program path and file name is:
c:\Windows\System32\mmc.exe "c:\program files\microsoft dpm\dpm\bin\microsoft system center data protection manager 2007.msc"

(note the speech marks around the second part).
  • Change the local resources that you want (screen size/colour depth etc)
  • Then save the resulting RDP file into your start menu.

And as Gorden Ramsey would say:

ISA change from Edge Firewall to 3 Leg

So this is one of the things that I've had to work on over the last few days.

The easiest way is to follow the infomation from Bret Fisher's Blog - fishbrains

Some gotchas though are:

  • VPN Configuration gets blown away, make a note (print screen is your friend) and reapply after.
  • The bitmap image of the network will be wrong. To fix this in the XML before importing search for msFPCNetworkTemplate and amend the next GUID from "{e826736f-262a-47af-8871-980561676073}" to "{9be6f18a-57ad-4cea-b924-2cfedfef3799}"

    The full list of template GUIDS are:
    EDGE "{e826736f-262a-47af-8871-980561676073}"
    THREE LEG "{9be6f18a-57ad-4cea-b924-2cfedfef3799}"
    FRONT FIREWALL "{2EF25ED2-C029-4a5b-B274-590B9953F2F5}"
    BACK FIREWALL"{1C02D67F-7CF6-429c-9B46-B7805FCCED41}"
    SINGLE NIC "{2C02D67F-7CF6-429c-9B46-B7805FCCED42}"