Flu Jab

So just had my seasonal flu jab at work. Slightly embarrassing as a too tight shirt arm required me to disrobe to the waist to enable me to be pricked. A slightly surreal moment being in the conference room semi naked…..

Test from the iPhone

Let's see how this works

-- Posted from my iPhone

Switch on

Josef has had his switch on, we went for the Cochlear Nucleus 5 which was the first time that Addenbrooke's had used. Our little man is a trailblazer! This is just a test post really to see if I've got all the links to Twitter sorted out.

This is also due to Lesley at Addenbrooke's asking if I had a blog to keep track of Josef's progress - so just for her there will be posts with the tag "Progress"

Future posts:
  • Exchange 2007 Dynamic Distribution list bug
  • Cochlear Unboxing Experience
  • Deaf journey (up to date!)
  • iPhone stroking (!)
  • Hospital car parking
  • Thank you NHS