ISA change from Edge Firewall to 3 Leg

So this is one of the things that I've had to work on over the last few days.

The easiest way is to follow the infomation from Bret Fisher's Blog - fishbrains

Some gotchas though are:

  • VPN Configuration gets blown away, make a note (print screen is your friend) and reapply after.
  • The bitmap image of the network will be wrong. To fix this in the XML before importing search for msFPCNetworkTemplate and amend the next GUID from "{e826736f-262a-47af-8871-980561676073}" to "{9be6f18a-57ad-4cea-b924-2cfedfef3799}"

    The full list of template GUIDS are:
    EDGE "{e826736f-262a-47af-8871-980561676073}"
    THREE LEG "{9be6f18a-57ad-4cea-b924-2cfedfef3799}"
    FRONT FIREWALL "{2EF25ED2-C029-4a5b-B274-590B9953F2F5}"
    BACK FIREWALL"{1C02D67F-7CF6-429c-9B46-B7805FCCED41}"
    SINGLE NIC "{2C02D67F-7CF6-429c-9B46-B7805FCCED42}"

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