Skype for Business 2015 Emoticons

Just a quick post to show the dialog for emoticons in Skype for Business 2015:

One thing I really like is that on the bottom left of the screen as you hover over a emoticon it shows what the "Official" name is and then on the bottom right is the key presses that are needed.

I would like to know why the footballer (soccer for the Americans ;-) ) is called "Bartlett" and why the squirrel is "Heidy" :

Update: Bartlett appears to be a tribute to Michael Bartlett, an ex-Skyper:

And Heidy can now be found looking after the Microsoft Real Estate! For bonus points her Google Profile also has a member of the Sciuridae family as a profile picture:

Mystery solved!


  1. Thank you for sharing! The curiosity was killing me! [insert cat smiley]

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