Response Group Service bug in SfB Aug 2021 CU (6.0.9319.619)

TLDR: Response Groups might not work same as expected after installing CU 6.0.9319.619. to fix install CU 6.0.9319.623

After multiple installs of the latest SfB 2015 CU (6.0.9319.619) we have hit a bug that we're about to log to Microsoft. The bug is in relation to how you have your queues setup and as such you may not experience it.


Sales Hunt Group, when the call come it presents to agents in primary group. If the agents ignore the call then after 10 seconds the call will time out and pass to the secondary group. If no agents answer in the secondary group then it goes back to the primary (its a circular loop).

Primary Group

Secondary Group

Pre CU 6.0.9319.619 this worked.

After installing the latest CU the call flow would never loop back around to the primary group (no calls present). However the caller continues to hear ringing and as such could believe that they are simply in a long queue.

To fix this stop the Response Group service

Then from Programs and Features, click Installed Updates and search for "Response" and remove the latest installed patch (sort by "Installed On"):

After uninstalling note that all versions move to the previous RG version:

Now restart the Response Group Service and calling functions as expected.

Going to be logging this with Microsoft and will update as I go. Appears that I'm not the only one to have seen this:

Tested and the same issue is NOT present in SfB 2019 with the latest CU (7.0.2046.369)

9th Nov 2021

Finally got around to logging with Microsoft support today: 2111090040003718

10th Nov 2021

Response from Microsoft: ""After Installing Latest Skype For Business Server 2015 Cumulative Updates (6.0.9319.619) Response Group Service Call Does Not Work For Nested Queues". This has been identified as a known issue and the Product Group is currently working on the fix on high priority"

9th Feb 2022

And we have a fix out: KB5010770: 

RGS queue timeout action does not work for nested queues (5010770) (

Interestingly the it appears the fix is in version  .622

However when you go to download the version is .623

(well I found it interesting)

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