Unable to login to Skype for Business Online with BT Home Hub 6 - part 2

My frustrations with using the BT Home Hub 6 and Skype for Business Online are documented here:

Here's my write up on how I've fixed it:

First thing I tired was contacting BT. My first call was not great, eventually I got through to a team who I was told would be happy to talk to me about the issues but they would want a credit card number..... I made my excuses and left....   ;-)

I tried again and got through to a grumpy lady who (after I asked if she could disable IP6 on the Home Hub 6) literally said:

and said I should send the Home Hub 6 back < sigh > 

I went digging into the Home Hub 6 and found that I have both IP6 and IP4 public IP addresses, meaning things like my Tado which don't support IP6 can continue to work:

However my work laptop has an IP4 and IP6 address:

So the easiest thing to force my SfB client to talk to the O365 homed servers would be to disable IP6 on my laptop. The correct way of doing that is documented here:


But doing so would break Direct Access on my laptop, which would be a Bad Thing (TM)

Instead I forced the laptop to prefer IP4 over IP6 by making the following registry change:

(reg change file here: https://1drv.ms/u/s!Arx7Ss1l4DQIgZSrJsx7M0EtARKBXuI)

After a reboot I'm in business!

Hope that this helps someone out there.

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  1. Hi, thanks for that helped me out as could not get skype to log in from home office(BT Hub 6). Made registry change and rebooted, now logs in just fine.