PEM certificate files on Windows

While doing certificate renewals for a client recently I was given PEM format files which I needed to convert into a certificate that Windows can consume.

  1. Download a copy of OpenSSL which has been complied for Windows (
    Note: You can do this on your workstation, it does not need to be done on the same machine that created the certificate request.

  2. Extract to a temporary directory:

  3. Extract the files you got from the Public CA into the same directory

  4. From an elevated command prompt Change Directory into your folder and type the following command:

    openssl.exe pkcs12 -export -out server.p12 -inkey PrivateKey.txt -in SSLCert.txt

  5. OpenSSL will ask you for a Password and then ask you to confirm:

  6. And a portable certificate file will be created:

  7. Now simply import into the Windows certificate store and you're good to go

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