HELP: My application is not on screen OR Multiple to Single monitor pain.

Silly little post here but imagine you have a laptop that you use in your docking station. The docking station has two screens, and you run Application X on screen two (not your primary screen).

Now when you undock Windows notices and puts all applications onto your single primary screen (the laptop screen).

When you re-dock Windows again notices and says "Ahhhh - Bob wants Application X on screen two" and all is well with the world.

One day Bob can't sit at his usual desk and instead docks onto a different but identical docking station which only has one screen. He the loads Application X

Windows notices that we are at a docking station that it recognises but doesn't appear to understand that there is only a single screen and as such loads Application X onto a non-existent screen two.

To move it back:
1) Give Application X focus
2) Press ALT + Space together

If Application X is full screen on screen two then select Restore then redo this step

3) Use the cursor keys to move down to move and press Enter
4) Press a direction on the cursor key to make Application X stick to the mouse
5) Move the mouse to drag Application X onto the working screen


  1. I remember the likes of this back in the day of 95 / XP etc. When I had my first dual-head graphics card.. Matrox G400 with 32Mb RAM!!

    It's a shame to see this kind of thing still confuses modern operating systems. :(

  2. As an alternative you can select the application from the taskbar, or Alt-Tab, to gain focus, then move it around by holding down the Windows key and pressing the left or right arrow keys until it pops on screen.

    1. Ahhhh Windows - so many ways to skin the same cat. Yes, this is a (quicker and easier) way ;-)