Skype and Lync Integration

Microsoft have today yesterday announced that some of the features that you had with Lync to MSN Messenger have now been made available in Skype.

I say some as video calling is not working but IM and P2P voice is…..

If I use my old Hotmail account which I merged with my old Skype account (and who is already on both my Lync and Skype contact lists) then I can IM and Voice call with either party initiating the conversation.

I signed up for a new Microsoft Account and signed into Skype, I then added my Lync contact to Skype but no notification request came up on Lync.

I then moved to Lync and added the new Skype Account and could immediately send IM and calls (maybe because the Skype user had already added the Lync user?).

Some testing:
For the below Tobie is a Lync user and Bob is a Skype user
Tobie has Bob in his contact list but Bob has not accepted:

Bob shows as offline to Tobie

Tobie can call bob and bob will get an incoming call

Tobie cannot IM Bob

Bob has Tobie in his contact list but Tobie has not accepted:

Bob can see Tobie’s status and call him

Bob can IM Tobie

I am disappointed that the Video feature that was in MSN has not made it across yet, but it seems we will see it in 2014 (sigh)

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