Free iPhone game from RBS

Ahhh RBS, Royal Bank of Scotland. How us tax payers loved bailing you out so it's nice to see you repaying some of this love by giving away free iPhone games.

Yea, I know. Free iPhone games.

Emma for some reason wanted to download Wheres Wally from the iPhone. She still wanted it after seeing that it would cost a whole 59 pence. What can I say. She likes hunting for the little guy (!)

So she pays her money and takes her choice.

Around a month later her credit card statement turns up from RBS. The only purchase that month was against her iTunes account and underneath it a credit line of 59 pence with the title "small balance write off". So thanks tax pagers of England. You have paid for Em's purchase. Next month we are going to see if they will do the same for a 99 pence game.......

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